Thursday, December 20, 2012

No Point.

Brace yourself. This next post is going to be extremely catty and dramatic. I apologize in advance.

Most of you know that bad is an extremely important aspect to my life, so I take it pretty seriously. I practice as often as possible, and I try my hardest in rehearsal. Over my high school career, band has become more than a class. Band has become my life, my love, and my passion. I'm very tough on myself, and I expect the best. Although this is somewhat a good thing, it's not always the best. I expect so much from myself that when I mess up, I put myself down to the point of tears. But that's just me. How can I care so much while others don't seem to care at all?

I take my trumpet home almost every day. Even days when I could easily say I have no time to practice, I make time. Other people have plenty of time, yet they don't take it home. I worked my butt off for my spot. I wasn't always at the level I'm at now. I went from fifth chair in jazz, to second chair, and finally got first chair. I went from being fifth chair in concert band to being fourth, to first two years in a row. That doesn't just happen over night. I stepped it up. You should too.

I understand that this is from my perspective and that my perspective will differ among many of you. Because I'm in band, and I want to sound good, I'm very biased. But take this into consideration. You're in a sport ,say basketball, and you are trying your hardest because you care. You look over at one of your teammates and they are just messing around. They're obviously not trying to get better, and that ticks you off. Why does that tick you off? Because you care. That's the point. There's no difference between basketball, dance, or band. When you're involved in something, you need to try and put forth effort, or you're just letting others down who love what they're doing. Do you want to be that kid who lets the rest of the band down? Oh wait, you don't care.

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  1. I know 100% what you're talking about. I've been having these exact thoughts lately. Obviously not for band, but for other activities.