Monday, December 17, 2012

Bucket List

This is probably the one of the few times that I will write about one of the choices Mrs. Witt gives us, because I like going on my own and talking about what I want to talk about. I chose to write about this because I love bucket lists; I think it's interesting reading about what others want to do before they die, and it gives me the feeling that I can do anything. I already have one started on my Tumblr, so I'll paste that on here and cross off the ones that are already done. :) So, here's my bucket list:

  1. Finish High School
  2. Go to college
  3. Get married
  4. Have the wedding of my dreams
  5. Get my wedding dress from Kleinfeld's in NYC
  6. Sky dive
  7. Be happy with who I've grown to be
  8. Have the body I want
  9. Go on a mission's trip
  10. Travel the world
  11. Go to Victoria Fall's with the one I love
  12. Have children
  13. Get a tattoo
  14. Jump off a waterfall like in the movies
  15. Be remembered for something great
  16. Witness a miracle
  17. Scuba dive
  18. Bungee jump
  19. Witness a flash mob first hand or be in one
  20. See the Northern Lights
  21. Learn how to play a new instrument
  22. Get my industrial pierced
  23. Swim with dolphins 
  24. Watch a meteor shower
My list is continually growing, but I'm constantly trying to find opportunities to cross things off. 

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